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She liked the fact that his response ended with a question.

She liked the tone and attention to detail and the uncanny fact that she was sitting at her kitchen counter with her butt hanging off the edge of a stool naked except for a tank top and white cotton socks and her hair was still damp from the shower.

In addition to smears of lubricant and cum, he found a butt plug with a pager attached to its base between the naughty schoolgirls restroom.

Her incredible level of perversity required much more punishment than a few dozen strokes of the cane, so Miriam negotiated a hundred swats on her bare bottom which escalated to over two hundred swats because she kept losing count.

I felt like I was seeing AA as a new person might see it. In Sept of 2010 I went to Hawaii for a woman’s AA event to see if I could spread the word. In January of 2011 I met Dee Dee Stout over the phone because of her appearance in Penn *& Teller Bullshit about AA.

AA had changed from when I got sober in Kailua in 1975. It was not laid back and “take what you like buffet attitude “ had turned into a more ridged ..”90 meetings and 90 days and what does your sponsor say “ type of rhetoric. At dinner with my two closets long time AA friends they told me about the Murder of Kristine and Saundra Cass ( age 13 ), by a man who was Court ordered to AA even though he was unstable and had mental issues and had violent issues with women. That in fact, my local government still worked better then AA’s upside down triangle rigamarole! At my lovely little safe women’s meeting I was uncomfortable. Through her I met author and Journalist Gabrielle Glaser, who recently published a book called “Her Best Kept Secret, why women drink and how they can regain control.” I am a chapter in her book.

Miriam twisted her hips, reached between her legs with her other hand, and gripped the urethane beads between her butt cheeks. Somehow this complete stranger knew exactly which buttons to push.

She loved to spank her clit especially when her pussy was stuffed and she had something up her ass.

Miriam stammered and stumbled through her fantasy while his voice kept her from straying: ...

In March of 2010, in Los Angeles, Ca at PRAASA, ( a Pacific Regional Area Service assembly) –( nine states and 15 regions) after much pushing on our part, the chair gave a late night round table entitled, “Sexual and Financial Predators in AA.” 130 people packed into a room. Fact: Judges are sentencing sex offenders and violent criminals to AA/NA meetings unknown to the general public and also unknown to most 12 step members) It pushed me over the top. Thomas B., the AA Area chair was not helpful and so was the district chair a … As they read the literature from 1935 which is done at every meeting, I looked around and watched them chanting and nodding their heads up and down. All the work I did on the inside of AA trying to make it safer, how much push back we got at every level and how I finally decided to leave AA (may 2011) so I could do more productive work and make a film exposing AA and what the truth is about this Institution that is so highly regarded and so widely used in rehabs.

Many were turned away because there was no more room. The Spanish contingency sat me down and translated as I talked about what we were doing and trying to expose. That men with many years, old men, were taking young women, middle aged women, any women, up into the mountains to read them their 5th step. ” And the old lady with her heavy accent said, with that look in her eyes like” you know” “They make them have sex with them after they read their 5 step! Then Herbert Tracy White was murdered by a couple in downtown Los Angeles, CA., who pretended they wanted help as addicts. She tells my whole story and weaved in and out of others who tried to make it safer and others who were 13 stepped.

I had many sponsee’s calling me, wanting my attention and I called them all and said I was done sponsoring anyone from now on. And I just took the position of GSR (General Service Rep) for my Home Group. Her sponsor said to her, “what’s your part in it” ? I began attending the mixed meetings I no longer attended. She was 5 years old when he, an AA member, who was dating her mom, took her innocence from her in the most horrific way. Holy cow…how they responded was like they were trying to cover up something and they wouldn’t give us the time of day.

I gave my time, my home, my experience, my soul and friendship and I just wanted to move on. But when I attended the meetings with her at The Marina Center in Culver City, California and The VRC Friday night Meeting at 414 Lincoln, in Venice, CA., I was horrified what I saw. It appeared that there were men there that were not even alcoholics, trying to get sober hanging out. I called an old friend Tom, who was a board member in NA for many years and he told me stories about Bill W taking LSD, how Tom Powers called him a sex addict back then and this sent me searching on the web to then find read Orange Papers and attended more horrible meetings that I did not know existed in Los Angeles, CA. We fought for it and the more we did the more they iced us out.

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I also suspect that this world shows signs of intelligent design, and I suspect that such intelligence acts via feedback from all parts to all parts and without centralized sovereignity, like Internet; and that it does not function hierarchically, in the style of an Oriental despotism, an American corporation or Christian theology.

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Those numbers are up from 2015, when 74 students reported offenses to the school’s sexual advocacy office – SAVIP.

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In addition to the festival portion of the program, Gender Reel, is now a production program, having released it s first documentary, Growing Old Gracefully: The Transgender Experience, in February 2014.

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